A very quick trip down memory lane

Mid 1970's (driveway)

Mid to late 1970's (Front from beach)

Early 1980's, addition framed

May 2003 - overgrown

June 2005 - still overgrown

July 2006 - Wow! fresh cut grass and new paint

January 2007 - a new roof to go with the paint

May 2007 - part of the deck collapsed to the ground

August 2007 - A new raised garden along the front

July 2008 - Old deck and low driveway with boulders sticking up about 6"

August 2008 - Tearing old deck off

August 2008 - New deck in place

August 2008 - new deck with raised driveway

August 2008 - New water heater with all new plumbing

September 2008 - new roof, new chimney, new deck, new garden, new paint, is it time for a nap yet?